#1 Project Management for Google

With a single click, you can turn all of G Suite into a single collaboration tool. Create Google docs, Calendar events, add Contacts, and integrate Gmail, without technical knowledge.

The missing half of G Suite

Workep centralizes and automates G Suite in a project management platform that is fast
and easy to use.

Gmail integration & Add-on
Turn emails into tasks

gmail Add-On

Send the content of an email over to Workep, with an assignee and due date,
without leaving your Gmail inbox.

Google Drive
Quick access and centralization

Google Drive icone

Create Google Docs directly from your tasks in Workep. Add Drive documents to your
tasks. Easily find the documents you need for a specific task without wasting time.

  • Google Drive

    Workep and Google Drive work like twins. Everything is synced.

  • Team Drive

    Access any team files easily, a single click away :)

Google drive slide
Google Drive slide 2

Google Calendar
Integration and automation

google Calendar

Easily sync your task due dates with the calendar you are already using.
Every project has its own Google Calendar, so you can better manage your time.

# Projects

The value of the synchronization is to have access at a glance, and the value of the flexibility is to see only your events or your team’s events.

project dashboard 1
project dashboard 1
project dashboard 1
project dashboard 1
project dashboard 1
project dashboard 1

Hangouts and Google Chat
Effective communication

Real-time communication is important.
Start a Hangouts meeting or a Chat window with your teammates directly from Workep.

Google Dashboard
Google Chat

Google chat


Workep Bot

Eduardo Alvarez has completed the task:

Send the new design to the client

Workep Bot

Matt from Umbrella Corp has commented on the task:

Send the new design to the client

Google Cloud
Security and backups

Google Cloud

We take the protection of your data seriously, that's why we host your
data in the safest and best tool for storage and backups: G Cloud.

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